Take The Tour to Modern Style

Each time has its own art, each art has its own freedom. These words became the motto for the style that appeared at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and absorbed the rapid development of that era. In different countries, the style has a different designation: in Scotland – it is the style of Glasgow, in Belgium and France – Art Nouveau, in Austria – Secession, in Germany Jugendstil, in Italy – Liberty, in Russia – Modern.

        The style prefers the swell and softness of the lines of the plant ornament, sensuality, muted color scheme and no symmetry. Even brutal forged metal obeys the line of the striking whip. It’s a style dictated by nature. Characteristic features of style can be seen on the examples of interiors.

The chandelier resembles a beautiful bouquet. It is spectacular and noticeable. Despite the massiveness and impressiveness, it gives the impression of lightness. Metal elements of the chandelier have the form of stems and leaves of plants, they hold plafonds – balls that dance in a multi-tiered dance.  This chandelier makes the interior respectable. The shape of the chandelier repeats the socket on the ceiling. A floral ornament of pastel tones adorns the entire ceiling, in the patterns of which we will see flying birds, flowers and buds, bends of stems. The splendor of the ceiling moldings is created by twisted lines and floral arrangements.

Tour to Modern Style

Modernism imprints on the shape of windows. Most often the windows are large and made in the form of arches  with stained glass. Such windows fill the room with light.

In the photo we see a room in which windows, ceilings and walkways are made in the form of arches. Huge stained glass windows decorated with floral pastel colors give a feeling of grandeur and grace. Very impressed by  the small lamp, ending at the ceiling with a large bud, a symbol of new life. The art nouveau style suggests wide staircases. The lantern on the pedestal reminds me of a magnificent fountain that gives a feeling of freshness. Even the smallest details, such as railing holders, are made in the form of wriggling plant stems.

       Furniture design has calm smooth curves. Light colors of furniture upholstery often have fragments with the image of flora and fauna. Furniture tried to make convenient and comfortable, it was functionality dictated shape. And the floral patterns made her airy and beautiful. The texture of the wood always appeared in the furniture, and a feeling of light was created from the inside.

In the photo, the Art Nouveau style is visible in the smooth curves of the sofa and armchairs, in light fabric tones. Soft cushions and seating contain floral drawings. The curved legs of the furniture have a refinement to the bottom, and this gives the furniture an extraordinary lightness. Complement the modern setting of the paintings with plant ornaments on the corners of the frame.

The representative of the modern style is the table in the photo below. It has beautiful smooth lines, light texture of wood, very comfortable. It was the functionality that dictated the form in this case.

         Modern tries to decorate every detail of the interior, nothing remains without its attention. So in the house-museum of the writer S.T. Aksakov I saw the furnace door, which cannot be ignored. The composition is composed of a graceful vase with openwork handles, flowing branches of plants strewn with flowers and leaves, singing birds.The vase stand is beautiful in itself, painted with floral patterns. This composition is framed by patterned ligature.

Once you get acquainted with the modern, this style will make you love yourself.