Interior Chalet Style Decorating

Today we, tired of everyday worries and the modern rhythm of life, want to be in a place where you can put on a warm sweater and spend the evening near the fireplace, watching the cheerful tongues of flame. This place can be a house in the style of CHALET.

The style appeared several centuries ago. Shepherds living in the Alps built houses of stone, which in many things could be found nearby. The climate of the highlands forced to build reliable, massive and warm houses that served for decades.

With the right performance, the space of the house, executed in the style of a chalet becomes incredibly cozy.

Distinctive features of the CHALET style:

  • A fireplace made of natural or artificial stone;
  • Surfaces, finishes and decorations of wood and stone;
  • The wooden floor;
  • Simplicity and rudeness in forms;
  • Massive beams on the ceiling of untreated wood;
  • Soft textiles;
  • Scattered light;
  • Skins and wrought-iron metal products.

Let’s try to see the elements of THE CHALET style listed above in the presented photo.

The main element is a large fireplace of simple and rough shape, lined with stone. Many would say the fireplace divides the space into a living room and kitchen. And I would say that in this interior the fireplace combines the living room and the kitchen. The main connecting point is a burning hearth with logs of firewood, which can be admired from the living room, resting on the sofa, and from the kitchen, sitting at the table.

Above the hearth we see a massive beam – a shelf. The same beams adorn the top of the doorways.

The high ceiling is covered with wood. It is propped up by powerful wooden beams – rafters that fasten forged staples.

The floors are coarsely snitated boards.

The living room is decorated with a massive leather sofa, armchairs, puffins and a table. All items are massive, simple in shape and brown. The table is decorated with a vashewith with wildflowers. Also on the table we see stuffed birds (I do not like this element of the living room decor. The armchair cushions and puffins are made of faux fur.

On the floor carpet is gray, as well as facing stone fireplace.

As we can see, all the colors in the interior style of CHALET natural shades.

Scattering light gives point lamps on the ceiling and a chandelier of deer antlers. Deer antlers are also present on the mantelpiece in the form of decor.

The large space of the room, high ceilings and panoramic windows bring us closer to the surrounding  nature.

In the interior of the house, made in the style of CHALET, we can feel the happiest.