Exterior Chalet Style Decorating

Today we will analyze the architectural features of the exterior of the house in the style of SHALE.

      The distinctive features of this style are:

  • A roof with a steep stingray and overhanging edges;
  • A foundation of stone;
  • Decorative elements made of natural wood;
  • Massive windows;

      Style implies unity with nature. Therefore, it is best if this house will be suburban. Traditionally, the front floor is lined with stone, which has always been in abundance in the mountainous area.

In the photo the house stands, as we see, among the mountains and spruce forest, which is very symbolic for the style of SHALE.

      The house has a sloping roof, the edges of which protrude far and hang over the facade. The edges are supported by powerful wooden beams. This roof design perfectly protects the facade and foundation of the house from heavy snowfall, strong winds and autumn rains. It also allows you to make a spacious and wide terrace for a comfortable rest.  The roof is covered most often with flexible or ceramic tiles. In this case, it is metal roofing sheets.

     The stone is lined with foundation and part of the walls of the house, as well as a chimney fireplace that is part of the wall. From the wooden elements of the exterior we can see the frames, shutters on large windows, balconies, beams, propping up the roof stingray and the railings of the porch. The walls of the facade are the color of freshly sawed wood.

The CHALET-style house is beautiful at all seasons, especially in the quiet winter pre-Christmas evenings.